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As turf consultants we use the latest GPS technology so we can identify compaction, turf health, or soil moisture issues.


In Stadiums poor light quality can have a negative impact on turf health. Use of LED grow light technology means Stadium managers are able to produce a higher quality surface in low light situations.


Vertmax® is the premium range of turf pigments and colourants in the Australian market. These give an immediate colour response and are an economical alternative to overseeding warm-season turf.


We are able to offer a truly independent soil test analysis. With over 30 years experience in the turf industry this means that if you get testing done by us you can be sure we won’t be pushing our products but instead recommending what you actually need.


As sports turf consultants we constantly keep abreast in the latest in turf breeding. We have access to the latest plant genetics out of Europe and the USA and deal exclusively with many of the world’s best turf seed producers. Many of these varieties came top in the recent NTEP trials including Slugger 3GL and Piranha.


Good air movement results in good turf health. If you do not have this, then turf in low light situations will struggle and decline in quality. Turf fans guarantee good air movment all the year round no matter where they are in use.


Surfactant technology is always improving and the Hydroforce® range has been independently trialled at some of the world’s foremost Universities. It always gives great results no matter what soil type or climate.


These micro-footprint boxes weigh only 400g, can be mounted just about anywhere, and can carry up to 60 different sensor configurations, such as a weather station to soil and water monitoring to determining light levels.


The key to healthy turfgrass is getting its nutrition right. So no matter if you are a golf course or sportsground manager or even a lawn owner we have the solution for you. With fertilizer costs skyrocketing make sure you get what your grass needs need and save yourself money.


We supply a large range of turf chemicals for use on sportsgrounds and golf courses. With decades of experience we know the turf industry well and know the products you need. We have over 20 years of providing high-quality turf chemicals plus unparalleled technical support.

As Sydney based Independent sports turf consultants we deal with all aspects of turf sports and sports turf management

Our work as independent sports turf consultants.

In 2013 Jerry Spencer established Gilba Solutions as Sydney-based independent sports turf consultants. With a background in Soil Science and the STRI in the UK he is well versed in cool season turf management. This is coupled with 30 years experience in warm season turf managment in Australia.

Gilba Solutions provides independent turf consultancy advice throughout Australia to golf clubs, sports facilities, turf producers, Local Governement Authorities, Universities, maintenance companies, turf producers and community sports clubs. We also have an extensive Research and Development Program focusing on the professional turf and amenity market. More on this can be found in our services as turf agronomists section.

Subsequently we have grown to become wholesalers of agricultural products and also suppliers of professional turf products. Our product range includes soil wetting agents, turf fertilisers, grass seedturf pigments and turf chemicals. As new turf chemicals come onto the market we always produce updated technical sheets discussing all their ins and outs. The most recent ones are for:

With a focus on all aspects of fine turf management we have over 35 years of experience in sports turf in Australia and the UK. As a result of our commitment and drive to exceed our customers expectations, this has has meant that we have been lucky enough to work with clients such as Arsenal FC, ACT Government, Campbelltown Stadium, Stadium Australia, and Comm Bank Stadium.

Turf consultant milestones

Our belief is that as sports turf consultants is to give our clients the information they need to allow them to make the best possible decisions. We are truly independent turf consultants and have no affiliations with any other companies. As part of this philosophy we have a regular turf blog covering topics such as:

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We are proud to be advertising in “The Guide to Australian turf pesticidesthe reference manual of all currently registered turf chemicals in Australia.