Soil wetting agents

Gilba Solutions are well aware of the weather extremes that occur in Australia. Low rainfall, high humidity, and high temperatures make the management of turf in Australia difficult at the best of times. That’s where soil-wetting agents play a role. We like to think we have the best range of soil-wetters in Australia. Some of these can help with water movement into the soil profile and some will help retain moisture in the soil profile. These are ideal for use as a soil-wetting agent for lawn areas or professional turf and with such a large range we can meet all your requirements. Realise that these are not the same as chemical wetting agents for use with pesticides.

When the increasing water cost is also considered, turf management in Australia becomes even more challenging. That’s why we don’t just carry a range of high-quality soil-wetting agents and soil penetrants but also unique products such as Aquimax that can actually extend the length of time that water stays in soil.

We work closely with innovative companies such as Indigo Specialty, Rhizosolutions, and Agspec in Australia. By doing this we can remain at the forefront of water management technology and help you produce the highest possible quality turf surfaces.

Ongoing research

We also have an ongoing R and D program to test and develop existing and future products. Here is our 2022/2023 research into soil wetting agents.

As an independent supplier of turf products, we are able to offer the best possible technology to get the best possible results. The end result is you increase your water use efficiency, save money and get better-looking and more consistent turf surfaces. Our wetting agent blog has more technical information on a number of these wetting agent technologies and answers the following questions:

  1. Can you safely use washing-up liquid as a wetting agent? and
  2. Why do some wetting agents damage turf?
HydroForce Ultra soil wetting agent reduces the need for hand watering

Moisture Management Products



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A patented liquid soil amendment that retains soil moisture in the soil root zone.


Consume penetrant

A modified poly-siloxane with excellent properties as a soil penetrant. Also used for dew prevention.


Consume Technical

Hydroforce Extend soil wetting agent

This is a 100% blend of non ionic surfactants giving up to 90 days effectiveness as a soil wetting agent. 


Hydroforce Inject

Specifically designed to quickly and efficiently move water away from the foliage and thatch and into the soil root zone.


Hydroforce Rapid

Ideal to rapidly move water away from the soil surface and past thatch.


Hydroforce Recharge

To prevent and overcome hydrophobic soil situations


Hydroforce Ultra

A unique soil wetting agent for use on dry patch areas. Has been used in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia with great results.