Scrubwet penetrant

Scrubwet penetrant is a siloxane super spreader for improving herbicdie uptake

Scrubwet penetrant is a modified poly siloxane adjuvant and what is termed a super spreader. It is an excellent nonionic soil penetrant, and tank mix partner for herbicides like Duke herbicide. It was developed to increase uptake and herbicidal activity on difficult to penetrate weeds including “woody weeds”.

Siloxanes have excellent wetting and penetrating properties and form a persistent water repellant film once applied. In fact, work has shown that the performance of foliar fertilizers increases in the presence of organosilicone surfactants.
The super spreader, Scrubwet, prevents dew formation on sports grounds, golf greens or golf tees for 7-14 days after application. The longevity depends on factors such as grass dampness when applied, severity of dew, mowing frequency and type of turfgrass treated.

Scrubwet is very effective dew suppressant and penetrant. When you use this as a spray adjuvant it improves coverage, penetration and uptake of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, miticides and foliar nutrients. It is an alternative to Pulse penetrant and you can also use this with Recondo herbicide.

At extremely low rates it gives exceptional water penetration through hydrophobic turf and thatch. When you use this it enables water to penetrate into severely water repellent soils. It is easy to use and you can apply through a boom or direct injection.

As well as the above benefits, Scrubwet penetrant is ideal to use in an IPM program to counter dollar spot. It achieves this by helping water move away from the leaf surface. It is an excellent tank mix partner for use with soil fungicides like Segway fungicide.

Rates of application (always check the directions of use)

  • As a spray adjuvant 30-200ml/100L
  • For dew suppression 1-5L/Ha in 1000L
  • As a soil penetrant 800ml-3L/Ha

Scrubwet penetrant Label

Scrubwet penetrant MSDS