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Omne Turf wi-fi sensing boxes are a new innovation in the Internet of Things for use in the turf industry. These are a network of sensors that can receive and transmit agronomic data. They allow turf managers to always know the condition of greens, fairways, or playing surfaces. As a result of sensors constantly delivering real-time measurements, this data can be used to make informed management decisions, or even predict diseases such as pythium and be used for growing degree day modelling for the timing of PGR or herbicide applications for turf weed control.

Save time and money and get better results

Omne Turf wi-fi sensing boxes are small, weigh 400g and have up to 60 different sensor configurations. So to summarize if soil, water, or climate monitoring is important to you this economical solution is for you. There are three models available.

  • Omne Turf:
    • Soil temperature, non-contact surface temperature, air temperature, humidity and pressure, solar radiation soil moisture, electric conductivity, pH. In addition nutrients such as Mg, P, OM, Ca, base saturation Mg, base saturation K, base saturation Ca, CEC, K/Mg, and Ca/Mg ratios ;
  • Clima:
    • Wind speed and direction, rainfall, humidity, pressure, temperature, solar radiation (PAR and UV), soil moisture, soil temperature, pH, and electric conductivity;
  • Aqua:
    • pH, electric conductivity, oxidation-reduction potential, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, water temperature, turbidity, coliform counts and nutrients such as sodium, chloride, calcium and nitrate.



Omne-Turf wi-fi sensing boxes:

  • Provide a 24 x 7 data stream;
  • Each sensor box takes up to 6 sensors;
  • Measures real-time soil, water, and weather conditions. Simply log in using your existing browser;
  • GPS or wi-fi enabled options are available;
  • Have very low setup costs. Consequently, it’s simply a case of choosing your sensors and “plug and play”;
  • Adding or changing a sensor takes a matter of seconds;
  • With no cabling these are very mobile. Therefore can be easily moved to monitor “hot spots”;
  • As a result of being solar-powered, they don’t require an external power source;
  • Furthermore with a small unobtrusive footprint it means these are unlikely to suffer from vandalism;
  • Waterproof and UV resistant casing and lastly
  • Come with a 3-year hardware warranty
Omne Clima wifi sensing box for weather monitoring
Omne Aqua wifi enabled sensing box for water monitoring
The Omne turf wifi boxes have an easy to use interface showing growing degree days and disease potential based on localised weather conditions.
Omne-turf Wi-Fi sensing unit on a ball washer
Omne-turf Wi-Fi sensing installed on a tree
Omne-turf small footprint on a ball washer with solar panel
Omne-turf Wi-Fi sensing installed on a ball washer
Omne-turf Wi-Fi sensing installed on a ball washer
Poor quality dam water can be monitored using the Omne-turf system