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Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd are Australian-owned turf agronomists. We operate in Sydney, NSW, and the ACT and are based in the “Bra” in the Estern suburbs of Sydney. We have been Sydney and NSW’s leading turf agronomists and suppliers of professional turf products since 2013. Our belief is happy customers are the best customers which are why most of our business is from repeat clients. This company profile explains in detail our history and what we do. 

What is a turf agronomist and what do they do?


  • Knowledgeable in all turf varieties and cultivars and how best to manage them; our extensive background in both C3 and C4 grasses puts us in a unique position in the Australian industry. By being based in Sydney and working throughout NSW and the ACT this has meant that we have experience both cool and warm season transition.
  • They have a good knowledge in the formulation, manufature and use of turf fertilisers;  Jerry Spencer worked in Penrith at Paton Fertilisers for several years before establishing Gilba Solutions;
  • Are able to identify diseases and pests and turf disease management;
  • Understand the principles of soil physics including soil hydraulics and related drainage/irrigation issues; An Hons Degree in Soil Science addresses this;
  • We do not promote products or services unless they are clearly in the client’s best interests;
  • Having played sport in Sydney and soccer for Balmain, Guildford and Hilltop in the Southern Highland of NSW we have an excellent understanding of what the implications of playing particular sports on turfgrass are.

With over 30 years of experience in Australia and the UK with companies ranging from Yates, Samsung, and the Sports Turf Research Instutute (STRI) we are uniquely positioned to offer you the best possible agronomic advice on all turf-related issues including turf selection and maintenance, turf chemical usage, turf fertilisers and wetting agents and adjuvants. We love being able to offer our expertise to help you solve any specific turf related issues that you may have. We take immense pride in being innovators providing solutions whether it be using Carbon dioxide and LED light rigs for shade management in stadiums, to writing overseeding guidelines, to the development of Vertmax Duo® the most advanced turf pigment on the Australian market.

Check out some of the services we offer as sports turf consultants.

Company profile – Our History

The founder Jerry Spencer has a Hons Degree in Soil Science from Newcastle Upon tyne University and a Grad Diploma in something he didn’t like. He started Gilba Solutions to meet the need for a truly independent Sydney based sports turf agronomist to provide the best possible advice to turf managers. The cornerstone of this approach has been and always will be the customer. Being able to provide innovative turf-specific solutions is something we feel we are uniquely able to achieve. This philosophy has led to Gilba Solutions growing rapidly from operating solely in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney to operating throughout NSW and the ACT to recently commencing exporting to NZ and the UK. 

In 2019 we launched the Omne Turf wifi system which is able to real time monitoring of PAR light, soil and air temperature, soil pH and can utilise up to 200 different sensor configurations. This is already being used at Bonnie Doon Golf Club.

In 2020 we became the Australasian agent for SeeGrow Developments who manufacture the worlds most advanved LED turf grow lights and turf fans. These were recently installed at Comm Bank Stadium.

Our recent establishment of a Sydney-based boutique seed and Fertilizer blending facility is part of this approach. This should be up and running in early 2023 and as Sydney’s only turf specific grass seed blender we will offer localized seed and fertilizer custom blending. 

Jerry Spencer has written over 100 articles and two books that have been published in the UK and Australia on topics ranging from turf fertilisers and aquatic weed management to using turf pigments. He also regularly publishes a turf blog. The most recent blog discussed the science of soil aeration and in particular soil gas exchange.

Clients who have used our services as turf agronomists.

  • Venues NSW;
  • The NRL;
  • Canberra Stadium;
  • The ACT Government;
  • Campbelltown Council;
  • Twin Creeks G.C;
  • Federal G.C;
  • The Australian Institute of Sport;
  • Sports Turf Management;
  • Sydney University;
  • Think Bio and
  • Green Drop.


Gilba Solutions company brochure


Company profile. Jerry Spencer senior sports turf consultant and turf agronomist

Jerry Spencer BSc Hons Senior Turf agronomist

Company profile. Sports turf consultant Jerry Spencer Turf agronomist at Chelsea FC

Jerry Spencer site visit to Chelsea FC in 2020

Company profile. Image of Stadium Australia preparing for Ben Hur

Sports turf consultancy at Stadium Australia in 2020

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