Voltage MSO Spray adjuvant

Methylated Seed Oil


Voltage MSO adjuvant 20L

As turf agronomists products that give better results and offer great value are always of interest. Voltage MSO (methylated seed oil) spray adjuvant is a surfactant made from high-quality methylated seed oil and emulsifiers. You use this with many pesticides as it allows rapid entry into plants with waxy cuticles such as summer grass. In hot/dry conditions Voltage MSO increases the results from herbicides.

With the summer forecast for high temperatures and dry conditions Summer grass will soon start to appear in many turf areas. Summer grass is a warm-season annual that thrives in high temperatures of 27- 38 C.

Oil based spray adjuvants like Voltage MSO:

  • Are excellent for use on mature weeds with well developed waxy cuticles.
  • Slow the speed at which herbicide droplets dry. This increases the potential for chemical uptake.
  • Improve chemical entry into the leaf by breaking down leaf surface waxes.
  • In some instances will cause leaf burn. This occurs if you apply under less than ideal moisture conditions.

Voltage MSO increases the results of most postemergence herbicides. It is known for its ability to rapidly spread and penetrate leaf surfaces. It does this as it decreases the surface tension of herbicide spray droplets and increases the wetting ability on very waxy and hairy leaves.

Research into MSO’s

Some reports have shown that methylated seed oil improves the kill of several herbicides on certain weed species by increasing herbicide uptake.

Advantages of using Voltage MSO

  • Increases the results of most post-emergents.
  • You can use this to replace non-ionic surfactants.
  • Results in rapid chemical uptake and entry into plant leaf tissue.
  • Is less viscous than typical plant oils.
  • Results in less evaporation and
  • Helps retain spray mixture on plant surfaces to increase the time available for entry into the plant.


Compatibility of Voltage Grass Herbicide
(Mature Weeds)
Herbicides (Mature
  Destro 375
Tribute herbicide
Duke herbicide
Quinstar herbicide
Rapid Fire 800


Broadleaf weeds with waxy, water repellant foliage are most likely to benefit from Voltage MSO. In contrast grass weeds have a thinner, more permeable cuticle. As a result, these may not always require the penetrating effects of  MSO adjuvants. However, do realise in some situations some grass weeds develop a thicker waxy leaf cuticle.

Many broadleaf weeds are more resistant to herbicides because of their bigger leaves and complex root systems.

The general application rate for Voltage is 0.5-1.0% v/v

Application rate for quinclorac: 500ml-1L/Ha; Aim to use the lower rate in high temperatures.

Voltage MSO Label

Voltage MSO MSDS