Vertmax Duo Pigment


Vertmax Duo is a premium turf pigment and an advance on other copper phthalocyanine green turf pigments on the market. It immediately enhances turf and gives an immediate and long-lasting natural green colour to golf courses and sportsfields after application. Its broadacre sister is Vertmax pigment.

It contains a unique biostimulant that helps fight against both biotic and abiotic stresses such as drought and disease. This biostimulant is salicylic acid, and research shows it increases germination rate, improves plant health and counters turf disease.

Salicylic acid enhances turfgrass resistance against turfgrass diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch and grey leaf spot in perennial ryegrass by activating defence responses within the plant. This property makes it more difficult for fungi to infect the turfgrass.

You can also use Vertmax Duo turf pigment as a spray pattern indicator to help with herbicide and fertilizer applications and give more even coverage.


It also improves turf colour and growth during the autumn and winter, and seeding trials have shown it is a viable low-cost alternative to overseeding.

You can use this novel turf pigment on all turf and in all climatic zones. Consequently, a licence was granted in 2023 to Prograss Bio to produce and market the product in the UK and Europe.

Key features and benefits.

  • Vertmax Duo contains a high loading of phthalocyanine pigment.
  • Trials show it lasts longer than competitor products.
  • Vertmax Duo contains a novel surfactant and sticker that ensures excellent leaf coverage with a short drying time.
  • There is a synergy between copper phthalocyanine, and salicylic acid which results in better turf quality.
  • Salicylic acid induces creeping bentgrass tolerance of bacterial pathogens like bacterial etiolation disease.
  • Non-staining. Once it dries, it doesn’t go back into solution. Unlike other products that stain.
  • Application results in an improvement in turf health and increases in drought tolerance and disease resistance.
  • Use encourages increases in lateral and deeper root growth.
  • Salicylic acid increases turfgrass resistance to nematodes.
  • In autumn and winter it gives an instant natural green colour on dormant turf.
  • Vertmax Duo blocks out harmful UV light.
  • It is highly tank-compatible and mixes with all turf fungicides, and it can be used in all turf management situations.


Brand: Gilba Solutions

Product Form: Liquid

Application Rate: 1L per ha in 200-500L of water per Ha

Pack size: 1L

Vertmax Duo Label and MSDS

Vertmax Duo non staining turf pigment
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Sydney University Kikuyu grounds after being sprayed with Vertmax pigment and grass paint