Case Studies 

We have been active as turf agronomists and independent sports turf consultants in the amenity market for close on 30 years, Gilba Solutions thought it might be interesting to revisit some of the projects we have been involved with. The following are case studies that we have been completed.

Case studies

These case studies cover topics such as:

Case Study 1

  • Soil aeration and its importance to maintain the best possible turf surface. This is a vital operation for turf maintenance especially after flooding.

Case Study 2

  • Blue green algae control and how products such as Agritec can deal with this problem and even control blue-green algae. All this while still allowing you to use the treated water for irrigation and with no threat to fish! It also has a long residual once you use it.

Over the next few months, we will add a wide range of topics to this site on a wide range of subjects such as some of our trial work and how we set these trials up, and also where we feel we have shown an innovative approach to a problem a client had. We will also discuss the launch of our product Vertmax Duo into Europe. So check back for updates.

When is soil aeration needed?

When is soil aeration needed?

When is soil aeration needed? How long does it last? We carried out a 12-month study looking at answering some key questions relating to when soil aeration is needed and its frequency. Gilba Solutions are Sydney-based independent sports turf consultants and turf...

Blue-green algae control

Blue-green algae control

BLUE-GREEN ALGAE CONTROL.Twin Creeks G.C. Course Manager, Darren Turner called Gilba Solutions in 2021 with a water quality issue on a number of his dams. There was an outbreak of algae and he was concerned it might be an issue. After a site visit there was a strong...