jerry spencer senior turf agronomist

Jerry Spencer BSc Hons Grad Dip


Jerry Spencer is the Senior Turf Agronomist and Sports Turf Consultant at Gilba Solutions. He specialises in turf nutrition, turf seed selection and turf chemical use. He also oversees and carries out research into practical solutions to turf management problems.


Bowral, NSW, Australia.
Sakaeo, Thailand


BSC Hons Soil and Land Resources, Newcastle Upon Tyne University
Grad Diploma Marketing, UTS, Sydney


Jerry has a keen interest in the following:
Fertilizer manufacture.
Turfgrass and plant nutrition.
Pigment chemistry.
Grass seed for sports turf.
Environmentally friendly solutions to everyday problems.
Soil chemistry and physics.
Environmental Science.

Jerry Spencer Summary


  • Ten years as Head agronomist at Gilba Solutions focusing on providing solutions to turf nutrition, pest management and turf management problems. Also developed the Vertmax range of Turf pigments, now being marketed in Europe and the UK.
  • Eight years as the Product Development Manager (PDM) at Paton Fertilizers.
  • Four years at the Sports Turf Research Instutute (UK) as a turf agronomist.




Jerry Spencer is the Head Turf Agronomist at Gilba Solutions with over 30 years experience in the turfgrass industry.
He currently oversees all the turf agronomy services for the company including turf and pest management plans, product development and research, soil wetting agent chemistry and turf consultancy services. He also runs the Gilba Turf blog which is a regular look at Australian turf management.
Prior to Gilba Solutions, Jerry was the PDM at Paton Fertilizers for eight years. During this time he was responsible for the turfgrass and horticultural markets. His specialisations included slow release technologies, nitrification inhibitors, and secondary and trace element nutrition.
He was then appointed the Technical Manager at Arthur Yates and Co (Commercial), with a focus on CRF and SRF nutrition of ornamentals and turfgrass. His portfolio included Nutricote, the BASF Floranid range of slow release fertilizers and Dynamic Lifter.
Before that he was Head of Imaging Technology at Samsung Australia, and helped to develop a mass transit advertising system for public transport along with Buspack.
Jerry also served as a Turf Agronomist at The Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) in the UK for nearly four years. During this time he was responsible for agronomic services in the South East of England and contributed to the STRI bulletin.



Jerry Spencer graduated in 1988 with a B.Sc. in Soil and Environmental Science from Newcastle Upon Tyne with a minor in Tropical Soils. His thesis was on the role of Selenium in pasture production. He received his Graduate Diploma in Marketing from University of Technology in 2003



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