Vertmax Pigment

Vertmax pigment is a broadacre grass colourant, and is available in the largest pack size on the market. It is specifically developed to enhance and give an immediate and long lasting natural green colour to fairways and broadacre sportsfield turf after application. For golf greens and high quality lawns Vertmax Duo is also worth looking at.
Not only can you use it for an immediate, natural grass colour during the autumn and winter. You can also use Vertmax turf colourant as a spray pattern indicator to help with herbicide and fertilizer applications, and give a more even coverage.
In seeding trials, it has been shown to be a viable low cost alternative to overseeding.
You can use Vertmax Turf Pigment as a broadacre colourant, on all turfgrass species, and in all climatic zones. Our log explains in more detail how turf pigments work.


Key features and benefits.


  • A high loading of copper phthalocyanine pigment.
  • Lasts longer than competitor products.
  • Vertmax turf pigment contains a novel surfactant and sticker package, that ensures excellent leaf coverage with a short drying time.
  • Non staining. Once it dries, it doesn’t go back into solution. Unlike other grass colourants that stain.
  • In autumn and winter gives an instant natural green colour to dormant turf.
  • Blocks out harmful UV light.
  • Vertmax pigment is highly tank compatible and mixes with all turf fungicides, so you can use it in all turf management situations.
Product Form: Liquid
Application Rate: 0.7- 1.5L per ha in 200-500L of water per Ha
Pack size: 20Kg
vertmax turf pigment on fairway at Bonnie Doon GC in Sydney
Vertmax turf pigment and grass paint applied to fairways at Bonnie Doon G.C in Sydney
Vertmax Turf pigment on couch fairways at Duntry Leagues Golf Club