SeeGrow is widely accepted as being the world leader in LED turf grow lights and turf lighting solutions. SeeGrow units are designed specifically for sports turf and golf course use and Comm Bank Stadium is the first venue to use LED grow lights in Australia.

US research, has shown that ryegrass requires a Daily Light Integral (DLI) of around 23 to maintain optimum healthy turf quality. In fact ryegrass will survive at a DLI as low as 10 but at these levels recovery is severely compromised.

In 2007, the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) was signed to improve energy efficiency across the USA, and undoubtedly a similar state of affairs will occur in Australia. States across the USA are beginning to include HPS Grow Lights in their efficiency targets and are looking to phase them out.


The SeeGrow LED14 avoids the limitations in growth that occur with limited carbon dioxide

The SeeGrow Turf system offers:

  • Power savings of up to 80% in comparison to more traditional HPS light rigs. In 2022 work by Etienne Abélard and Christophe Galbrun their conclusion was that despite a greater initial investment, LED is the best light source choice;
  • Besides the improved energy efficiency, LEDs also last up to 50,000 hours. By comparison, HPS bulbs last only 16,000 hours.
  • Root and shoot growth of up to 10mm in 24 hours;
  • Exceptional maneuverability and storage flexibility;
  • An inbuilt irrigation sysyem and heater;
  • SeeGrow uses turf-specific grow lights and not “off the shelf” horticultural lights that focus light mainly in the red spectrum resulting in turf etiolation.
  • Unlike other grow lights, each LED diode can be configured to emit light of a very specific color spectrum. This means that LED grow light color spectrums can be adjusted and customized in a way that’s impossible to achieve with other grow lights.
  • LED grow lights can be used without any burning of the underlying turf as they do not give out massive amounts of heat.

SeeGrow supplies LED lighting systems to the following venues:

  • Comm Bank Stadium (Parramatta).
  • Chelsea FC.
  • Aviva Stadium.
  • Wembley Arena.
  • Millennium Stadium.
  • Manchester City.
  • AS Saint Etienne.
  • Werder Bremen.
  • QPR.
  • Arsenal FC.
  • Swansea City.
  • Juventus and
  • Singapore Stadium

For more information relating to LED grow light selection and the key differences between the available technologies check out our blog on using light to improve turf health.


The LED 14 Growlight plus  CO2 canopy significantly increases root growth.

The LED 14 grow light system has a CO2 canopy, heater and inbuilt irrigation system. This gives up to 10mm shoot and root growth in 24 hours.

LED 60 turf grow lights offer high mobility

LED 60 grow lights give a great growth response for larger areas and are highly mobile.


SeeGrow LED 120 turf grow lights being delivered to Comm Bank Stadium

The arrival of Australia’s first set of LED 120 grow lights at Comm Bank Stadium.

Photo of LED14 turf grow lights being used in a high wear goalmouth area

LED 14 grow lights are ideal for high wear areas such as goalmouths.

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LED 120 growlights at Singapore Stadium

LED 120 Grow lights at Singapore Stadium.