Pistol Fungicide


Pro Force Pistol Fungicide 5L

ProForce Pistol Fungicide is a broad spectrum, contact or protectant fungicide that contains 600g/L of the active ingredient Thiram aka TMTD. As turf agronomists we like it as it has a number of unique properties that make it worth serious consideration.

  • Firstly, it is in fungicide group M3 which means it is an excellent option to use in a resistance managment plan.
  • Secondly, it has no witholding period which means as soon as it dries you can safely enter the area. This is an important thing to consider on heavily used sports turf areas.

In turf it controls the following turf diseases:

  • Brown Patch;
  • Helminthosporium;
  • Fusarium Patch and
  • Damping Off.

Pistol 600SC is a Suspension Concentrate formulation and is an ideal rotation option in any resistance management program. In periods of low disease pressure Pistol Fungicide is an ideal low cost alterantive to, for example Segway turf fungicide or when seeding. For those who don’t want to read on here are the Pistol Fungicide Label and the Pistol Fungicide fungicide SDS. Pistol is for use in both sports turf and lawns for disease control.

Fungicide properties of Pistol Fungicide

Key benefits of Pistol Fungicide:

  • Proven against Fusarium in the cooler months of the year;
  • Multi-site Activity (M3). No known resistance, so is very useful within the fungicide program;
  • Possesses both leaf and soil activity;
  • Cost effective. Suitable for large area turf usage;
  • Being a liquid it’s easier to measure, mix and add to the spray tank;
  • Low odour;
  • Safe to honey bees and beneficial organisms;
  • Has repellant activity

Pistol gives 7-14 days of disease control from one application.

It is non volatile and has low water solubility that improves rainfast properties.

Maximising Performance of Pistol Fungicide

  • Turf should be in good nutritional condition prior to treatment to prevent damage to sensitive turf species (eg Fescues, Kentucky Bluegrass and turf type ryegrass).
  • Apply at the first sign of disease and repeat at 7-14 day intervals, particularly in humid weather.
  • For Damping Off – Apply as a drench to the seedbed following seeding. Repeat every 5-7 days during disease susceptible periods.
  • In soil, thiram degrades by microbial action or by hydrolysis under highly acidic conditions.


Pistol Fungicide – 600g/L Thiram

Thiram is a powerful fungicide that provides broad-spectrum disease control. Nonphytotoxic, Thiram can be used on all crops and seeds. It can be safely applied through foliar spraying, soil drenching, and seed dressing. Pistol Fungicide is non systemic, and acts on many sites of the biochemical process of harmful fungi. It is effective against a variety of fungi, and is at low risk for resistance development.

Thiram has a preventive mode of action. It inhibits spore germination and mycelium growth by interfering with a variety of enzymes involved in the respiration process, including cytochrome P450 and alcohol dehydrogenase.


TMTD has a strong repellent action against birds, rodents, and deer. Without the need for additional chemicals, Thiram protects sown and emerging seeds from being eaten by birds and protects young plants and palatable plant parts of fruit trees and ornamentals from being eaten by rabbits and deer.


Fusarium patch on turf
Brown patch on a bentgrass golf green can be controlled quickly using Pistol fungicide