You use turf pigments, turf paints, and colourants to improve the appearance of grass and turf areas by giving them an immediate deep green natural colour. This makes them a low cost alternative to overseeding. Our range of Vertmax turf pigments are made in Australia and are unique. These offer:

  • A high level of UV stablility meaning they don’t break down quickly on the leaf;
  • They contain Quick Dry Technology (QDT). This allows the best possible contact between the turf pigment and the leaf blade and avoids staining of clothes;
  • They have the highest pigment loading on the market and are the most cost-effective products on the market;
  • A natural grass appearance, so they don’t look like synthetic turf.

We also have a range of turf colourants and marker dyes. These mix with turf chemicals like herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilisers and mark areas where you have already sprayed.​

Our work as sports turf consultants lead to the development of the Vertmax® turf pigment range.

Vertmax® turf pigment with QDT.

Vertmax® pigment has the highest pigment load on the market and enhances the appearance of all turf surfaces. Even a the lowest label rate of 800ml-1L/Ha, it gives an immediate colour response. It is highly tank compatible and mixes with all pesticides or fertilizers. Quick Dry Technology (QDT), means it is dry within 1 hour and avoids staining clothing as it doesn’t go back into solution.


Vertmax® Duo turf pigment with QDT.

Vertmax® Duo pigment is the same concentrated pigment plus a unique bio-stimulant package. When you use this at label rates has several plant health benefits.

For example, bent and winter grass can only utilize a certain amount of light which is in the 400-500 μmols m2 s-1 range. Above this light intensity and turf becomes photosynthetically saturated which can occur during summer months when light intensities are often over 2,500 μmols m2 s-1. This affects turf performance, wear tolerance, and disease resistance.

With the use of a turf pigment, it is able to absorb and transmit a given light wavelength and reflect a different one. So when you use Vertmax® pigments, they still allow for PAR light transmission but at a reduced light intensity. The end result is a healthier turf surface as most UV light is either absorbed or reflected.

The benefits of Vertmax® turf pigments:

  • Vertmax® Duo shades turf and reduces light stress, so reducing plant stress;
  • It increases surface temperatures during cool conditions;
  • They all have great tank compatibility which means they are an ideal tank mix partner for turf chemicals;
  • Increase seed germination and growth;
  • They improve turf establishment rates;
  • Increase lateral root branching and lastly
  • They increase your turf quality in comparison to other pigment-containing products.


On the LHS are areas diseased areas of untreated turf. On the RHS no disease when treated with a fungicide plus Vertmax Duo
Vertmax Duo contains biostimulants that counter biotic stress and improve root growth.
Before and after application of Vertmax to perennial ryegrass at 1L/Ha.
Vertmax is a UV stable non staining turf colourant and turf paint.
Vertmax turf paint and turf pigment applied to a fairway in Canberra
Vertmax turf paint and turf pigment applied to a golf course fairway in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney
Vertmax turf pigment and turf paint applied to fairways at Bonnie Doon G.C
Vertmax Duo turf colourant gives significantly higher turf quality ratings in comparison to other pigment based products
Vertmax Duo as a standalone & with fosetyl aluminium gives higher turf quality than other products.

Comparative Trials.

When you use Vertmax at label rates it gives a more natural and long-lasting colour response, than other turf colourants and turf dyes


Turf Colourant Transfer.

In trials to look at the temperature effects on drying times of turf paints:

  • After 1 hour no pigment transfer occurs at 15°C as both are dry and
  • At -2°C no product transfer occurs after 1 hour.


Vertmax turf pigment at 1L/Ha vs a competitor at 1.25L/Ha

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Turf pigments and colourants are cost effective alternatives to overseeding. They produce an immediate colour response during dormancy. However, they will not provide a wearable surface like an overseeded turfgrass. Turf pigments can mask light-green grass, blemishes, and dormant turfgrass and can be used on warm-season or cool-season turfgrass.