Free Guide to Australian turf pesticides.

Our friends at International Greenkeepers for Hire have produced the free guide to Australian turf pesticides. It can be downloaded below. It has been written so turf managers, lawn owners, contractors, and councils have an easy-to-use reference that can be downloaded or viewed online.

Besides being free we feel it is equally important that it’s in a digital format. Consequently, it is easy to regularly update as new products come onto the market. Lastly, this wouldn’t have been possible without sponsors Gilba Solutions and Indigo Specialty.

Labels, SDS sheets, and further technical information are available in the turf chemical section. For more information on multisite fungicide combinations, visit our turf blog.

This turf pesticide guide comprises 109 pages and is fully indexed. Consequently, it can be searched by topic, product, or specific problem. To sum up it includes the following sections:

1.2 Reducing the Likelihood of Resistance occurring;

1.3 Key Factors that reduce the development of resistance.

2.0 Pests and diseases of turf

2.1 Weeds of turf

2.22 Common indicator weeds.

2.23 Common Turf broadleaved weeds.

3.0 Australian Registered pre-emergent herbicides for turf, commercial, industrial areas, and flower beds/pots.

4.0 Turf Herbicides.

5.0 Industrial Herbicides.

7.0 Fungicides.

7.1 Fungicides mode of action – contact

7.2 Fungicides mode of action – systemic

7.3 Common Turf Fungal Diseases.

8.0 Registered Turf Fungicides

9.0 Registered Turf insecticides

10.0 Plant growth regulators in turf

11.0 Pigments and dyes in turf


International Greenkeepers for Hire turf chemical guide