Vertmax Duo Turf Pigment


Vertmax Duo Turf Pigment.

Vertmax Duo Turf Pigment is the most advanced standalone turf pigment on the market in Australia. Since its introduction in 2021 it has proven itself time and again to not only give an instant, natural green colour to your valuable turf but to also give plant health benefits.

The reason for this is simple. Vertmax Duo is not just a pigment. It contains a plant health biostimulant that imroves root growth, helps fight against disease and improves drought and heat tolerance of your turf.

A 2015 article by Micah Woods discusses the benefits of copper phthalocyanine pigments on creeping bentgrass.


The Benefits of Vertmax Duo.

  • This acts as a very effective light filter. It filters out damaging light and allows the good stuff through.
  • A high level of UV stability. The UV levels in Australia are some of the highest in the world. So a high level of UV stability means it doesn't break down on the leaf and continues to work for long periods.
  • Non-staining. Vertmax Duo Pigment has Quick Dry Technology (QDT). QDT ensures excellent cover on the leaf blade, and avoids staining clothes. Trials show there are massive differences in these products.
  • Low rate of use. Vertmax Duo Pigment has a very high pigment loading. You can immediately see this when you use the product, as It’s thick and not watery unlike some products.
  • Very compatible. Vertmax Duo Pigment is compatible with many turf chemicals like Tombstone Duo fungicide. This gives excellent user flexibility.
  • The grass looks natural. Some pigments give synthetic colour when you use them. Vertmax Duo Pigment gives a natural green colour.
  • A biostimulant package that works. Trials by ourselves and at several Universities show several benefits of salicylic acid.
  • Made and developed in Australia.

Light Filter.

Bent, perennial ryegrass and winter grass can only use a certain amount of light. This is in the range of 400-500 μmols m2 s-1. Above this light intensity, turf becomes photosynthetically saturated. This saturation occurs in the summer when light intensities can be over 2,500 μmols m2 s-1. This saturation impacts turf performance, disease resistance and wear tolerance.

Vertmax Duo Pigment absorbs and transmits a specific light wavelength. It then reflects a different one.

It still allows PAR light to reach the leaf but at a reduced light intensity. The result is a healthier turf surface, as most UV light is absorbed or reflected.

UV Stability

Vertmax Duo Pigment contains a novel UV stabilizer. This means it doesn’t break down due to UV light and gives a long lasting colour. In fact we have seen this last over 6 months from one application under a no mow regime.


Trials in Australia and in the UK show Vertmax Duo Pigment outperforms other products.

Several users in Australia have switched to Vertmax Duo for one simple reason. Once it dries, after a heavy dew it doesn’t go back into solution and stain.

UK work vs a competitor product confirms this superior resistance to staining.

Vertmax Duo at the same rate, at an an air temperature of 6C and with a 4-hour drying time, results in no staining.


We have yet to find any turf chemical that this is not compatible with. The only proviso when you use this is to apply in under 600L/Ha of water as a carrier volume.

Biostimulant package in Vertmax Duo Turf Pigment.

Now the best bit! The biostimulant package contains salicylic acid. Our blog on salicylic acid for plants explains the role of salicylic acid in turf.

  • 2023 Trial, looking at pigment longevity. The site was of creeping bentgrass cut at 3.5mm. Growth potential was 100% for the duration of the trial. Treatment 5 is the untreated control and Treatment 1 Vertmax Duo.
  • 2022 Trial vs Verdant pigment looking at colour transfer and drying time.
  • 2021 Trial vs pre-mixed fungicides. Trial of Vertmax Duo Pigment plus generic fosetyl aluminium vs Signature Xtra.
  • 2021 Trial looking at ryegrass seed germination.
  • 2021 Trial looking at ryegrass seedling Growth.
  • 2021 Trial looking at root branching in ryegrass.


Summary of Vertmax Duo Turf Pigment

Turf pigments are cost-effective and give an immediate green colour response. However, Vertmax Duo takes colourants to an entirely new level.

Vertmax Duo Pigment counters disease, improves stress tolerance to heat and drought and improves root growth.

Pack Size: 1 L.

Rate of Application: 1 L/Ha.



Technical Sheet:

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1 Litre


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  • What are the pigments in turf?

    The term turf pigments refers to either the pigments or colourings found in grasses and other turf plants or turf colourants used to mask turf and improve its colour. The main pigments found in turf are chlorophyll, carotenoids, anthocyanins and flavonoids.
    • Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives grass its green colour and is responsible for photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert sunlight into energy. It is found in plant cells and has magnesium as its central atom.
    • Carotenoids are pigments that give turf a yellow or orange hue. These are responsible for absorbing excess light energy and protecting the plant from damage. They are also known to have antioxidant properties.
    • Anthocyanins give turf a red or purple colour and are produced by plants in response to environmental stress, such as high light intensity or drought.
    • Flavonoids are pigments are responsible for a range of colors, such as red, purple or blue, and are also known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
    The presence and concentration of these pigments can vary depending on the species of grass and the environment it is grown in.
  • What are turf colourants and pigments?

    A Turf colourant or turf paint or turf dye is a product that is used to change or enhance the colour of turfgrass. It is typically a liquid which you apply to the turf through a sprayer. The colourant is usually made of organic or inorganic pigments that are safe for use on turf. It is designed to be long-lasting, weather-resistant, and easy to apply.