Aquimax moisture aid

Aquimax is a unique patented co-polymer system which improves soil water availability for turf. It contains Micro Inversion Technology (MIT), and is the first moisture management system which evenly distributes moisture-retaining polymer to the root zone. Unlike other moisture retention products this is a liquid not a granule being a combination of a soil surfactant and a long-chain moisture retention polymer. Application is through an existing irrigation system.


Aquimax soil wetting agent and water retention aid 10L
As independent turf agronomists we like products that work and have data to support this.
Trials in Australia have shown that Aquimax:
  • Retains nutrients and plant-available water for up to 35% longer, reducing the risk of leaching;
  • Improves Volumetric Water Content (VWC) in the root zone by up to 32%.

Trials overseas in couch show:

  • Increases in turf quality (NDVI);
  • Increases in soil moisture levels;
  • Significantly higher turf cover over a season.


Aquimax moisture retention aid shows higher grass conver than the untreated control
Aquimax improves the water holding capacity of soil
Aquimax gives higher turf quality than the control

The benefits of this product are:

  • As Aquimax is non burning it is very safe to use on turf; so you don’t need to worry about any negative impacts on the turf surface;
  • It has a very low rate of use so is very economical;
  • Improves fertiliser efficiency especially on sandy soils.

Use rates range from 1-3L/Ha.

Aquimax Label Aquimax MSDS