Choosing the right grass seed can be very confusing. Gilba Solutions is a Sydney-based lawn seed supplier in the home garden and professional turf markets. We supply perennial ryegrass seed, couch grass seed, fescue grass and Kikuyu grass seed.

We supply the latest plant seed genetics from USA, NZ and European breeders. As a lawn seed supplier, you can be sure you are getting the best seed at the best price. If seeding isn’t viable, we are happy to discuss using turf pigments, which offer a low-cost alternative.

NTEP is the world’s premier independent seed testing program and runs at up to 19 locations in the USA. Any seed variety that performs well in these trials has done so under a wide range of conditions, so wherever you are in Australia, there is an equivalent site in the USA. These trials study disease resistance, colour, wear tolerance and drought resistance. Two other series of trials worth looking at are:

  • The Turfgrass list site based in Europe covers Perennial ryegrass, turf-type tall fescue grass seed and creeping bentgrass;
  • The British Society of Plant Breeders produces a seed book every year.



What is Perennial ryegrass?

Perennial ryegrass seed is one of the world’s most widely used turfgrasses for lawns and professional turf.

The reasons are it has a great dark green colour and germinates in 3 to 10 days or less. It also has a higher shade tolerance than many other grass varieties.

Perennial ryegrass seed grows into a fine-leaved bunch-type turfgrass, having a vigorous root system, and responds quickly to fertilizer and recovers from wear. It is a cool season grass that can:

  • It adapts to many different soil types and can spread by tillers or shoots from the crown.
  • Grow in full sun but tolerate some degree of shade and
  • Mowed down to 5mm.

A high endophyte content makes varieties like Intense perennial ryegrass, much more tolerant of stresses like drought, and iimproves its ability to resist insect attack. In summary, turf-type, perennial Ryegrass seed is used in almost every sporting arena and on the world’s finest golf courses.

You can be sure that when you purchase perennial ryegrass seed from Gilba Solutions, it has disease resistance, superior colour and the highest wear tolerance. We support these seed varieties with technical advice, whether for overseeding options or choosing the best variety for your needs.


standard vs improved perennial ryegrass seed

Intense Perennial ryegrass.

Intense ryegrass is an improved US turf-type perennial ryegrass seed in Australia. In the recently completed NTEP trials, it performed well for turf quality and grey leaf spot resistance.

It is best suited for heavy-use sports fields, golf courses and lawns that demand a quality surface. Its ability to tolerate a low height of cut makes Intense an excellent option for overseeding warm and cool-season grasses.

Slugger 3GL

Slugger 3GL is the No. 1 performing perennial ryegrass seed in the 2022 NTEP trials. Hs excellent colour, wear tolerance and disease resistance.

Reserve 2

Reserve 2 is an advance on the original Reserve perennial ryegrass with improved colour and winter growth.



Intense ryegrass
Intense rye
Intense PRG
Intense Rye
Intense perennial ryegrass
Intense at Sydney University

Perennial ryegrass seed and fescue grass.

Turf variety


Rate /Ha




Intense PRG



This offers great performance with a great price. Performed very well in the 2022 NTEP trials for quality and grey leaf spot resistnace. It has a dark green colour, high wear tolerance and is disease resistant.

NTEP 2022

Reserve 2



Reserve 2 is an improvement on the original Reserve with a darker green colour while still being a Zero endophyte variety with exceptional winter activity. 

Slugger 3GL



A premium variety ryegrass seed, that came top of the 2022 NTEP trials. This has a great dark green colour, rapidly establishes from seed and has high disease resistance

NTEP 2022

Turf type tall Fescue grass


Semillas Fito S.A


Fesnova has high disease resistance and a very dark green colour.

NTEP 2017

Spyder 2LS



Spyder 2LS is a lateral spreading tall fescue grass and an upgrade on the original Spyder LS with a much finer leaf and superb colour. 

NTEP 2010

Spyder 2LS Tall fescue grass.

Spyder 2LS (Code number ZRC-1) is the newest of the long-running Spyder Tall fescue range. It is a 2nd generation cultivar with excellent NTEP scores across all test locations. As premier lawn seed suppliers we just love this grass.

Spyder 2LS is a fine-leaved variety that spreads and grows laterally. It has wear tolerance and disease resistance and can crowd out weeds. Choose Spyder 2LS for elite, manicured swards that need dense, compact coverage to get the best results.

As lawn seed suppliers, Gilba Solutions offers expert sports turf consulting services, ensuring your turf is always in top shape. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we provide tailored solutions to address any turf-related challenges.

You can trust Gilba Solutions, your go-to source for achieving the perfect playing surface. Contact us today for a consultation!

The turf seed used at Australia’s top venues.

Gilba Solutions is not only lawn seed suppliers but has also supplied seed to the following venues:

  • Comm Bank Stadium;
  • ACT Parks and Places;
  • Stadium Australia;
  • Budgewoi Soccer Club;
  • Federal GC;
  • Bonnie Doon GC;
  • Royal Canberra GC;
  • Campbelltown Stadium
  • Liverpool Council and
  • Sydney University.

As lawn seed suppliers, we supply couch grass seed to the professional and home garden markets.

Couch grass seed

  • Couch grass is a warm-season grass.
  • It thrives in full sun and with good drainage.
  • Couch grass tolerates heat, drought, traffic and salt.
  • Both vegetative and couch grass seeds have high maintenance and nutrient requirements.
  • It is perennial, which means it doesn’t need reseeding.
  • It grows best in late spring and through hot summer months.
  • Without frosts, it can stay green all year round, but in much of its growing region, it is dormant and brown over winter. Turf managers and lawn owners often keep couch grass green by overseeding with cool-season ryegrass for winter colour.


Couch grass spreads by below-ground stems called rhizomes and above-ground stems called stolons. Due to its aggressive growth, managing couch grass can be challenging, but the benefit of having exceptional wear tolerance.

It also recovers from damage far more quickly than most grasses. As a result, it is the most common grass for sports grounds, golf course tee areas and golf fairways.

Unlike some warm-season grasses, couch grass can be grown vegetatively and from couch grass seed. However, many common couch varieties are only available vegetatively and not as seed.



Rate /Ha







Rio is a new generation of couch seed with excellent cold tolerance having a fine leaf and showing rapid establishment.

Kikuyu grass seed

Coated Kikuyu seed



Fine leaved turf type variety

Slugger 3GL ryegrass seed at Stadium Australia
Reserve winter active perennial ryegrass in Canberra
Reserve winter active perennial ryegrass grass seed in Canberra
Comm Bank Stadium overseeded with turf type perennial ryegrass.
Slugger 3GL ryegrass on a home lawn
We supply Spyder 2 tall fescue for lawns
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Landmark Seeds logo. Landmark seeds are lawn seed suppliers.
As a lawn seed supplier Spyder 2LS tall fescue grass is great for premium lawns
slugger 3gl perennial ryegrass is ideal for lawns