Echelon® Duo: fertilizer + pre-emergent herbicide + insecticide. 

Indigo Echelon Duo is an Australian first in weed and insect control. It is a combination of an NPK fertilizer coated with oxadiazon and thiamethoxam. So with one application you can feed your turf whilst also giving long-term control against turf insect pests and weeds. Also as it is a granular product there is no spray drift and so it is safer on bees than using spray applications. Please feel free to check out our free weed ID chart and our black beetle ID guide.

In the USA the use of this technology is widespread and companies such as Knox Fertilizers produce a range of products based on Acelepryn and Dimension herbicide.

Each granule of Echelon Duo contains:

  • Firstly, a 15-2-17 compound fertilizer;
  • Secondly, thiamethoxam, which is the active ingredient in Meridian® and a proven insecticide. This works against scarab larvae and billbug and last but not least
  • Oxadiazon, the active ingredient in Oxafert® and Echelon®. This is a highly effective pre-emergent herbicide.

The label and MSDS are in the turf chemical section. Echelon Duo is ideal for use by councils, schools, sports turf managers, and landscape contractors. Being a granule it does not need a spray tank to apply.  



Echelon Duo logo
Echelon Duo Label

Save time and money.


Echelon Duo® gives three treatments in one application, saving you time and money.

  • Controls African black beetle larvae, Argentinian scarab larvae and billbug;
  • Gives pre-emergent control of winter grass, summergrass and crowsfoot;
  • Forms a pre-emergent barrier stopping the troublesome weed creeping oxalis;
  • Is registered for use on couch, Queensland Blue couch, Kikuyu, buffalo grass, bahia grass and zoysia and finally
  • Feeds your turf for up to 8 weeks.


Tips to get the best results from Echelon Duo.


  1. Firstly make sure you use a calibrated granular applicator. The aim is to apply the product as uniformly as possible;  
  2. Secondly, DO NOT apply when the grass is wet. Also DO NOT mow the treated area until the product has been watered in and turf has dried.
  3. Thirdly, after applying Echelon Duo water in with at least 10 mm of water;
  4. Next, do not reseed ryegrass or bentgrass for 4-5 months (ryegrass 4 months & bentgrass 5 months);
  5. Avoid contact with flowers and shrub and lastly
  6. Do not apply when daytime temperatures are consistently above 32°C.


Image of Flowering oxalis
Summergrass tussock with seedhead
Wintergrass identified by seed head and boat shaped leaf tip
Crowsfoot with its distinctive seedhead
Echelon Duo controls african black beetle larvae
Echelon Duo controls Billbug larvae