Consume soil penetrant

Consume is an excellent nonionic soil penetrant, and a very effective dew suppressant and spray adjuvant. When you use this as a spray adjuvant it improves coverage, penetration and uptake of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, miticides and foliar nutrients.

At extremely low rates it gives exceptional water penetration through hydrophobic turf and thatch. When used as directed it enables water to penetrate into severely water repellent soils and can be directly injected or applied through a boom spray as required.

Rates of application (always check the directions of use)

  • As a spray adjuvant 30-200ml/100L
  • For dew suppression 1-5L/Ha in 1000L
  • As a soil penetrant 800ml-3L/Ha

Consume Label MSDS


Consume is 1020g/L of a modified polysiloxane and an excellent soil penetrant