Cortex Duo Herbicide

Cortex Duo is a non glyphosate weed killer. It is a knockdown herbicide with a longterm residual

Cortex Duo herbicide is a non glyphosate weed killer. It is both a non-selective knockdown & a residual herbicide. You can use this to kill seedling & young broadleaf & grass weeds. It is in Group 14 and contains 525g/L nonanoic acid and 15g/L oxyfluorfen.

You can use Cortex Duo in the following areas:

  • In and around Paths;
  • Driveways;
  • Roadsides;
  • Sheds;
  • Gardens;
  • Amenity areas, nearby Nursery stock, Orchards and vineyards, Fallow soils and
  • Forestry.
  • You can also use Cortex Duo herbicide for the control of Moss and Algae in areas like Gardens, Paths, Rockeries, Tiled Roofs, Walls, Driveways and around buildings.

Benefits of Cortex Duo Herbicide

  • Available in a 10L pack;
  • As it contains two actives this reduces the chances of resistance developing;
  • Being a non glyphosate weed killer there are no issues with use in public areas;
  • As it contains no glyphosate, it doesn’t bleed or move like glyphosate and so it’s ideal for line marking;
  • Once it is applied the effects can be seen within hours;
  • It is a 3-6 month residual herbicide; this means no need to constantly reapply;
  • Safe around trees and ornamentals as long as no spray drift;
  • A Low chemical schedule – S5
  • It is also effective against moss, liverworts and algae.
Group: Group 14 
Product Form: EC
Pack size: 10L
Selectivity: Non Selective 
Weed: Seedling and young annual and perennial weeds and grasses. Also for moss, algae and liverwort control.
Application Rate: 70ml/L water which is 7L/100L.
Active Ingredient: 525g/L nonanoic acid and 15g/L oxyfluorfen.
Activity: It is a Pre and post-emergent knockdown

If you have questions about the use of Cortex Duo, please feel free to contact a sports turf consultant or turf agronomist or easier still contact us!

Cortex Duo Label

Cortex Duo SDS

Cortex Duo glyphosate free herbicide for algae control
Cortex Duo controls moss on pavers
Cortex Duo Herbicide is a non glyphosate weed killer and is great to use under trees