Tombstone Duo Fungicide


Tombstone Duo broad spectrum turf fungicide controls and prevents Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Winter Fusarium, Helminthosporium diseases, Leptosphaerulina, Curvularia, Dollar Spot and ERI (Ectotrophic Root Infecting Fungi) diseases. It is also controls for a wide range of ornamental plant diseases.

Key Features of Tombstone Duo Fungicide.

  • Tombstone Duo Fungicide gives curative, protectant and eradicant activity.
  • Excellent rainfast properties. Works in all weather conditions.
  • Broad spectrum of activity. Controls 9 turf diseases, including foliar and root pathogens.
  • Controls Leptosphaerulina and Curvularia. There are limited other options for these pathogens.
  • Provides contact, translaminar, mesosystemic and systemic activity, and gives inside-out disease protection. Controls ERI diseases, both from a curative and preventative basis.
  • Controls ERI diseases, both from a curative and preventative basis and
  • Contains two strong active ingredients for turf, with differing modes of action.

Same active ingredients as Dedicate fungicide.

20ml/100m2 applied with 8-16L of water.

30ml/100m2 applied with 8-16L of water for Dollar Spot.

Active ingredients: 200g/L Tebuconazole and 100 g/L Trifloxystrobin.

Pack Size: 500ml and 1L.

Rate of Application: 2-3L/Ha.

Brand: Indigo Specialty.

Chemical Group: Fungicide Groups 3 and 11

Use tips:

  • Required good coverage to get the best control.
  • Apply in an adequate volume of water. A water volume of 400-800L/Ha is ideal.
  • Use higher water rates (up to 1600L per ha) to for soil/root diseases such as Brown Patch, Ectotrophic Root Infecting fungi and Spring Dead Spot.

Product Sheet: Here.


Technical Data Sheet.


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