Stature Herbicide


Stature Herbicide.

Campbells Stature Herbicide is a selective turf herbicide that controls broadleaf weeds. It is a unique 3-way formulation, and contains MCPA, Bromoxynil and diflufenican (a key active ingredient Warhead Trio herbicide). It is in Herbicide Groups 4, 6 and 12.


MCPA is a selective phenoxy herbicide that controls broad-leaf weeds but not grass weeds. It mimicks the action of the plant growth hormone auxin, which leads to uncontrolled growth and then death in susceptible weeds.
Uptake is via the leaf and it then translocates through the plant. The result is stem curl-over, leaf withering, and eventual plant death.


Bromoxynil is a postemergent nitrile herbicide, and is especially effective on broadleaf divot weeds. In combination with MCPA and diflufenican it extends the spectrum of weed control that you usually get using just these two actives. Symptoms can be seen as blisters / necrotic areas on leaves, with a relatively rapid burndown.


This gives a systemic post emergent and short term residual control of weeds. Uptake is mostly by the shoots of germinating seedlings. Its symptoms are seen as bleaching and subsequent plant death.

Stature herbicide has excellent safety on couch and Zoysia, and gives great control of common turf weeds.

Not for home lawn use.


Benefits of Stature Herbicide

  • Caution S6 Schedule
  • Has both foliar and root uptake.
  • Low odour formulation that’s excellent for commercial and public applications.
  • Controls many difficult to control broadleaf weeds
  • Comes in a 5 L pack;
  • The formulation is an advanced Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) which gives more effective control of weeds.
  • Low rates of application.
  • Is compatible with Vertmax Duo turf pigment and Vertmax pigment to retain heat and give a quicker result.


Getting the Best from Stature Herbicide.

  • Complete control may take 4 to 6 weeks, and depends on weed growth stage at application and also air and soil temperature.
  • If frost is likely do not use as this can cause injury to desired turf species.
  • Do not apply If temperatures are likely to be above 24°C after application
  • Make sure soil is not waterlogged as this can cause herbicide injury.
  • Make sure weeds are actively growing to ensure best results.
  • Stature is safe on all cool and warm season grasses. However you need to make sure turf is well established before any application is made.
  • Make sure turf is not under drought or heat stress as Stature herbicide will not be taken up.


Brand: Campbells

Pack Size: 5 L

Activity: Systemic and Contact Post-Emergent

Group: Group 4, 6 and 12 Herbicide

Selectivity: Selective

Re-entry Period: Once you apply, do not allow entry until the spray is dry.

Weed: Bindii, Cobbler’s Peg (suppression), Capeweed, Caustic Weed (suppression), Creeping Indigo (suppression), Creeping Oxalis, Cudweed, Dandelion, Henbit, Mouse-eared Chickweed, Plantain (suppression), White Clover, and Tridax Daisy.

Application Rate: 500ml - 2L/Ha in 200-500L water.

Active Ingredient: 250g/L MCPA as the ethyl hexyl ester, 150g/L Bromoxynil as the octonoate and 25g/L Diflufenican.

Adjuvant requiredNon ionic surfactant. Use Indigo Octane to get the best results.

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  • When should I apply my lawn pre emergent?

    The best time to apply these products is in the early spring as this is before broadleaf weeds begin to grow. For grass weeds like summer grass apply later say in late spring or early summer. This weeds germinate later, so by applying your pre emergent later you will get longer control.
  • What is a turf herbicide?

    Turf herbicides, also known as weedkillers are pesticides used to control and manage undesirable plants. It is important that when you use a turf herbicide that you precisely follow the label directions. If you don't do this then the herbicide may fail to control the target weed, damage the turf grass or even prevent you from being able to reseed or re-turf damaged areas. Turf herbicides can be:
    • Selective or non selective. Selective turf herbicides are able to specifically target the weed without damaging the desirable turf grass. Non selective turf herbicides kill everything.
    • Pre emergent or post emergent. Pre emergent turf herbicides prevent weeds from growing and becoming and are used before weeds grow. Post emergent kill weeds after they have emerged.
    • Work against broadleaf weeds or grass weeds.