Specticle Herbicide


Specticle Herbicide.

Specticle is a selective, pre-emergent herbicide that provides residual control of certain grass weeds on warm-season turf. It provides up to 8 months of pre-emergent control in warm-season turf, and controls weeds by reducing the emergence of seedlings through inhibition of cellulose biosynthesis.

It contains 200 g/L Indaziflam and controls Crowsfoot Grass, Summer Grass, and Winter grass. Indaziflam is in Herbicide Resistance Group 0, which is the same Group as Isoxaben.

You need to activate Specticle Herbicide prior to weed germination, with rainfall or irrigation to get the best results.

Benefits of Specticle.

  • A new mode of action means less likelyhood of herbicide resistance occuring.
  • Very long residual control.
  • Easier application scheduling.
  • A significant reduction of herbicide placed in the environment.
  • It is non staining and has no odour.



Indaziflam is quickly absorbed by the soil, does not readily leach and has a low volatility. Once taken up via the root and shoot tissues, it Inhibits root and shoot growth. It stops growth by inhibiting cellulose biosynthesis and so stops with cell wall formation. You see foliar symptoms as stunted, yellow new growth. In some sensitive species you can see girdling and swelling at the soil line. See this herbicide injury fact sheet for images of damage.

What its good at.

It is a very good pre-emergent for annual grasses like Summer Grass, Crowsfoot, and Winter Grass. In the US great results are also seen vs Foxtails, Barnyardgrass, and Annual broadleaf weeds. This includes Bittercress, Doveweed, oxalis, Spurge; and Annual Sedges from seed. The SC formulation does provide post-emergent control of some small seedling broadleaf weeds like the control of oxalis.

What its not so good at.

It does not control weeds that grow from rhizomes, tubers, 'nuts' or bulbs like Nutgrass. There have also been variable results with common Ragweed or Bitterweed and some Pigweeds. It is unknown how well it works on large -seeded broadleaved weeds, such as Morning Glory.

Application rates and delivery

As a pre-emergent herbicide, you must apply Specticle before weed seeds germinate.

1. As soon as you use this, irrigate with 3-6mm water as soon as ppossible.

2. You need adequate soil moisture to activate Specticle and give maximum control. Also, you must thoroughly decontaminate your sprayer before you use it again to spray susceptible plants or turf.


Pack Size: 250 ml and 1 L

Rate of Application: 250 ml/Ha

Brand: Envu

Chemical Group: Herbicide Group O



Technical Sheet.

Additional information

250 ml


1 L



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  • What pre emergent herbicide kills bindi?

    Before you go putting down a pre emergent herbicide realise that the best way of stopping any weed is to have healthy dense turf. If you have this it will choke out competing weeds and so you don't have to spray any chemicals. However in some cases you might need to apply a pre emergent herbicide. My two go to pre emergents for bindii are an oxadiazon based product such as Echelon® or Echelon Duo® or for longer control products based on prodiamine such as Onset 10GR® if I want to use a granular option or Barricade® herbicide if I want to use a liquid. Both of these active ingredients give excellent control against this troublesome weed.
  • How does pre emergent herbicide work?

    Withouit going into too much detail pre emergent herbicdies form a barrier a the surface and prevent weeds from establishing. They have no effect at all on weed seeds.
  • Does pre emergent herbicide kill grass?

    If you follow the label the answer is a simply no.
  • Where to buy pre emergent herbicide near me?

    Gilba solutions supplies into NSW, VIC, QLD and the ACT. For areas outside of these feel free to contact us and we are only too happy to point you in the right direction as to where to get product at the best price.
  • Are there any new pre emergent herbicides?

    The newest pre emergent active ingredient is indaziflam sold as Specticle® which was introduced several years ago. However, the newest products on the market are both granular products and produced by Indigo Specialty. These are called Echelon Duo® and Onset 10GR® These are based on oxadiazon and prodiamine respectively.
  • Can I core after applying a pre-emergent herbicide?

    We get asked this a lot. The general view is that aerating afterwards is not a good idea. The thinking is that this will break through the "barrier" and prevent it from working. However, there is turf research[mfn]. Branham, B. E. and P. E. Rieke. 1986. Effects of turf cultivation practices on the efficacy of preemergence grass herbicides. Agronomy Journal 78:1089- 1091. [/mfn] showing that this might not be an issue. Solid tining should be OK, but there might be issues with hollow tine aeration due to soil removal. Although pre-emergent herbicide labels don’t recommend aerating, research has not shown any reduction in summer grass control.
    • After applying oxadiazon, core aeration did not affect crowsfoot control. 
    • Monroe et. al., also showed that aeration did not affect the control of summer grass[mfn]Monroe, J. H., W. M. Lewis. J. M. DiPaola. 1990. Aerification effects on preemergence herbicide activity. Weed Science Society of America Abstracts 30:27[/mfn]. 
    As a general rule, however, if the site requires coring, then carry it out.
  • What herbicide kills winter grass?

    Before you reach for the herbicide, you should create conditions that favour the grass you want rather than winter grass. A healthy, thick turf cover that is not over-watered and not in shade will help prevent this weed from becoming established. Several winter grass killers are available that either prevent the problem in the first place or remove it from desirable grass if it's already there.  The trick is knowing how to use these to get the best results. The key to this is timing your treatment. Timing is extremely important for pre-emergent applications. Our blog discusses the 7 factors that can impact the results of using pre-emergents, and one of the factors we discuss is timing. However, inevitably winter grass will appear, and that's when post energent herbicides come into play.  
  • With so many pre-emergent options I get confused. How do i decide what to use?

    Yes, it can be confusing. A simple guide is if you can see winter grass use a post-emergent winter grass killer. That means use that the product kills already existing winter grass. Products to consider for use on your lawn include Amgrow Chemspray Winter Grass Killer, David Grays Winter Grass Killer, or Munns Professional Wintergrass killer. Be aware that the last two are based on the same active ingredient.

    If you are trying to stop it from returning, then you should use what is called a pre-emergent herbicide.  Products that are pre-emergent herbicides include Barricade herbicide, Onset 10GR and Echelon Duo. After that what you choose is influenced by factors such as the length of control wanted, what your grass type is, and the availability of water. Gilba Solutions has over 30 years of experience in the turf and amenity market so if you would like help in making a choice or have any questions please feel free to ask away.