Quinstar 200SC Herbicide


Quinstar 200SC Herbicide.

Quinstar 200SC herbicide is a turf herbicide that gives post-emergent control of Summer Grass, Digitaria sp and White Clover, and suppresses Kikuyu Grass in certain turf varieties. It contains 200g/L Quinclorac and is in Herbicide Group 4.

Quinclorac is the active ingredient in BASF Drive XL, Adama Quinstar and Turf Culture Steer. It provides post-emergent control of summer grass, and it required repeat applications to control multi-tiller summer grass in the Summer.

Quinclorac is typically very effective on 1 tiller or smaller and 4 tiller or larger, and it works best with a methylated seed oil like ProForce Voltage MSO.

Quinstar 200SC also controls broadleaf weeds, such as white clover (Trifolium repens), but it does not control Crowsfoot grass.

Established Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and zoysiagrass are tolerant to Quinclorac applications.

Quinstar 200SC herbicide also control several other grassy and broadleaf weeds, and at full rate will provide up to 45 days of residual summer grass control.



Quinclorac is a member of carboxyl acid group of herbicides, and after foliar application it then translocates to all parts of the plant.

Sensitive weeds usually die in 1 and 2 weeks after treatment. For suppression of Kikuyu grass apply two post-emergent treatments in the Autumn.

Dicot symptoms are seen as extremely rapid growth associated with an increase in metabolism. This is evident by stem and leaf curling, tissue swelling, and rapid longitudinal growth.

Grass weed symptoms are not the same as the effects on dicots. Grass weeds stop growing and then become chlorotic, wilt, and die. This is due to the toxic levels of cyanide accumulating from stimulated ethylene synthesis.

Benefits of Quinstar 200SC Herbicide

  • Quinstar is a unique and high-loaded, 200 g/L suspension concentrate formulation.
  • It comes in a convenient, easy-to-handle 5 L pack size
  • Quinstar is an effective and efficient option to control key grass weeds, including Kikuyu and Summer grass.
  • Is very safe on a wide range of warm-season and cool-season turf species.
  • Schedule 5 and non-arsenate-based chemistry.
  • Safer to use than many other grass herbicide options.
  • Unique mode of action on grasses – Group 4
  • Is compatible with Vertmax Duo turf pigment and Vertmax pigment to retain heat and give a quicker result.
  • Quinstar is taken up by both roots and shoots, and works regardless of rainfall
  • Unlike most sulfonylureas (SU) on the market there are no tracking issues with Quinclorac.
  • Gives a much faster result than the sulfonylureas (SU).
  • Quinstar 200SC is compatible with MSMA (ProForce Geronimo 800SL) and trinexapac-ethyl.
  • Safe to use if you are seeding or stolonising.
  • Has excellent tank-mix flexibility with other herbicide formulations to give an increase in the spectrum of control.


Getting the Best from Quinstar 200SC Herbicide.

  • A single application is required at label rate from emergence before the second tiller and from 4 tillers onwards.
  • A double application strategy is required from 2 to 4 tillers for adequate control (3 to 4 weeks apart).
  • Apply Quinstar 200SC Herbicide to actively growing weeds at the growth stage indicated in the Directions for Use table.
  • Apply the product in 400L of water per hectare.
  • Do not apply within 4 weeks after seedling emergence of Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Bentgrass and Perennial Ryegrass.
  • Do not apply to Bahia grass, Centipedegrass, Buffalo grass, Kikuyu grass, Queensland Blue Couch, or lawns or turf where desirable clovers are present.


Brand: Adama

Pack Size: 5 L

Home garden use: Yes

Activity: Systemic.

Group: Group 4.

Selectivity: Quinstar 200SC herbicide is a selective Post emergent herbicide.

Re-entry Period: No withholding period when used as directed.

Weed: Summer grass, White Clover, and Kikuyu grass. More information on these is in our Weed ID Chart.

Application Rate: 4.1 L/Ha in 400 L of water.

Active Ingredient: 200g/L Quinclorac.

Adjuvant required: ProForce Voltage MSO (Methylated Seed Oil).

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  • When should I apply my lawn pre emergent?

    The best time to apply these products is in the early spring as this is before broadleaf weeds begin to grow. For grass weeds like summer grass apply later say in late spring or early summer. This weeds germinate later, so by applying your pre emergent later you will get longer control.
  • What is a turf herbicide?

    Turf herbicides, also known as weedkillers are pesticides used to control and manage undesirable plants. It is important that when you use a turf herbicide that you precisely follow the label directions. If you don't do this then the herbicide may fail to control the target weed, damage the turf grass or even prevent you from being able to reseed or re-turf damaged areas. Turf herbicides can be:
    • Selective or non selective. Selective turf herbicides are able to specifically target the weed without damaging the desirable turf grass. Non selective turf herbicides kill everything.
    • Pre emergent or post emergent. Pre emergent turf herbicides prevent weeds from growing and becoming and are used before weeds grow. Post emergent kill weeds after they have emerged.
    • Work against broadleaf weeds or grass weeds.
  • What herbicide kills winter grass?

    Before you reach for the herbicide, you should create conditions that favour the grass you want rather than winter grass. A healthy, thick turf cover that is not over-watered and not in shade will help prevent this weed from becoming established. Several winter grass killers are available that either prevent the problem in the first place or remove it from desirable grass if it's already there.  The trick is knowing how to use these to get the best results. The key to this is timing your treatment. Timing is extremely important for pre-emergent applications. Our blog discusses the 7 factors that can impact the results of using pre-emergents, and one of the factors we discuss is timing. However, inevitably winter grass will appear, and that's when post energent herbicides come into play.  
  • With so many pre-emergent options I get confused. How do i decide what to use?

    Yes, it can be confusing. A simple guide is if you can see winter grass use a post-emergent winter grass killer. That means use that the product kills already existing winter grass. Products to consider for use on your lawn include Amgrow Chemspray Winter Grass Killer, David Grays Winter Grass Killer, or Munns Professional Wintergrass killer. Be aware that the last two are based on the same active ingredient.

    If you are trying to stop it from returning, then you should use what is called a pre-emergent herbicide.  Products that are pre-emergent herbicides include Barricade herbicide, Onset 10GR and Echelon Duo. After that what you choose is influenced by factors such as the length of control wanted, what your grass type is, and the availability of water. Gilba Solutions has over 30 years of experience in the turf and amenity market so if you would like help in making a choice or have any questions please feel free to ask away.