Pylex Herbicide


Pylex Herbicide.

Pylex Herbicide contains a new active to the turf industry in Australia, Topramezone. This is for the control of warm season grass and broadleaf weeds in cool season turf. It enables the safe and efficient removal of broadleaf weed species and warm season turf species, This includes Buffalo grass, Kikuyu, Couch and Queensland blue couch, in cool season turf on Bentgrass greens.

Pylex Herbicide offers a combination of turf safety and exceptional efficacy, and effects susceptible weeds by causing bleaching because of chlorophyll loss.

Pylex is an important tool in turf grass as it controls summergrass, Digitaria spp and crowsfoot at low rates of 12.3 to 36.8 g ai ha -1 .

Benefits of Pylex Herbicide.

  • Pylex has a new and unique chemistry use pattern for Bentgrass greens. You can also spot treat areas.
  • Superb control of warm season grass and broadleaf weeds in cool season turf.
  • Foliar uptake and absorbed by foliage. It then translocates to the growing points of susceptible weeds
  • Fast and clear visual effects (bleaching) within 7-10 days of application.
  • Safe for all cool season turf grasses.
  • Highly selective herbicide in pre-measured syringes for easy application and greater turf safety.



Topramezone is a selective, systemic, post- emergent herbicide. It inhibits the enzyme 4- hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD) enzyme in target plants. After treatment in sensitive plants it disrupts carotenoid pigment formation, membrane structure and photosynthesis.

What its good at.

  • Pylex Herbicide gives excellent control of Bindii, Common Couch, Creeping Oxalis, Crowsfoot Grass, Cudweed, Fleabane, Kikuyu Grass, Sow Thistle, White Clover, and Amaranthus.
  • Key monocot weeds include summer grass, barnyard grass, foxtail, johnsongrass, wild oats, puncturevine, and feather fingergrass. Major broadleaf weeds include pigweed, dock, lamb's quarters, cocklebur, jimsonweed, nightshade, wild mustard, wild carrot, and groundcherry.
  • Topramezone is relatively safe to use before sprigging hybrid couch at any time interval.
  • Avoid the application of topramezone plus ammonium sulphate. Topramezone bleaching is transient and lasts 7 to 14 d on average.
  • Chelated iron added to topramezone and methylated seed oil mixtures acts as a safener on couch.
  • Pylex controls crowsfoot grass and suppresses summergrass.

What its not so good at.

Application rates and delivery

It is important to ensure correct application for reliable results. In addition to calibration of equipment, there are a number of factors which affect control and you should consider these with your Pylex Herbicide program. Factors that affect control:

  • You need to use MSOs to assist Pylex Herbicide to penetrate the leaf for consistent control. We suggest the use of Voltage MSO.
  • Early encroachment and actively growing weeds are more susceptible than more advanced growth stages. Pylex Herbicide should be applied when weeds are not in their strongest, fittest growth stage and state for best results.
  • Good coverage of the target weed is essential to achieve control. Even coverage enables Pylex Herbicide’s allows the best chance for translocation to occur.
  • Pylex Herbicide is a light-activated, as it works to disrupt the photosynthetic cycle of target weeds. Use of Pylex in moist, warm, bright sunshine is ideal.
  • Cool weather reduces the speed of activity. Pylex Herbicide’s use is best in consistent bright, and warm conditions.


Soil Moisture.

  • Best results vs crowsfoot are when soil moisture is between 12 to 20% VMC.
  • You get the best control if you use Pylex when crowsfoot is at the 1- to 3-tiller growth stage. You can reduce non target damage if you wash it in with 0.6 cm of water. If crowsfoot is mature, a second application 2 to 3 weeks after the first application will improve your control.

Reduce non-target Damage.

When you use Pylex along with paclobutrazol, Fe chelate, or Vertmax Duo pigment these reduce visual turfgrass injury in comparison to Pylex alone. Paclobutrazol and Fe chelate reduce creeping bentgrass injury the most.

Brand: BASF

Pack Size: Pylex Herbicide comes in 5 x 0.375mL syringe packs.

Rate of Application: 

Herbicide Group: Pylex Herbicide is in Herbicide Group 27.

Active Ingredient: 336 g/L Topramezone



Technical Sheet.

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250 ml


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