ProForce Warhead Herbicide


ProForce Warhead Herbicide.

ProForce Warhead Herbicide is the industry leading selective herbicide that provides outstanding control of broadleaf weeds in turf. With no odour and a high level of user and environmental safety, its unique three-way action provides extended weed control in most situations.

Warhead Trio Herbicide can be used on a wide variety of established turf species, including Common Couch, Qld Blue Couch, Kikuyu, Buffalo, Paspalum, Fescue and Ryegrass.

Warhead Trio herbicide contains a dual mode of action for improved performance and resistance management.

Benefits of ProForce Warhead Herbicide.

  • Outstanding broadleaf weed control.
  • Excellent turf safety on cool and warm season grasses.
  • It has dual modes of action, Group 4 & 12. This gives very effective performance plus it has resistance management advantages.
  • Broadest Spectrum Weed Control. One pass solution that gets the job done.
  • Low odour, schedule 5 herbicide. Easy to use and safer for use in public environments than some other products.
  • Effective on both immature and mature weeds. Controls broadleaf weeds at most stages of development.
  • As it is dicamba free it has a minimal potential for established tree damage.
  • 10L pack size. Complies with manual handling requirements. Easier to use in spray tank mixing operations

Getting the Best Results from Warhead Herbicide

  • Do not use this on bentgrass or winter grass golf or bowling greens.
  • The phenoxy group of herbicides take about 4-6 hours rain free to get into the plant.
  • Make sure that the weed species is actually susceptible. Our Weed ID Chart can help with this.
  • Best results are on young plants and in warm weather.
  • Do not use on turf under stress. Make sure turf is not under stress due to poor nutrition, drought or disease. If it is weed control will be reduced.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Because ProForce Warhead Herbicide has some residual weed control, use it earlier in the season with the knowledge that late weed germinations will also be controlled.
  • For best results weeds should be actively growing at the time of treatment.
  • Varietal differences on certain species of buffalo grasses (eg. ST85) may lead to transient discolouration effects, it is recommended to try a small area first before large scale application occurs.


What Warhead is good at.

ProForce Warhead Herbicide is a very effective weed killer on sports turf and lawns. This herbicide can kill all kinds of weeds you might want to get rid of, including:

* Not currently registered for this in Australia.


What Warhead is not so good at.

Factors that effect herbicide results include it is susceptible to water quality effects (high pH and salts). Its high levels of water solubility, increases its susceptibility to being washed from leaves by rain.

Brand: Indigo Specialty

Activity: Post Emergent

Form: Liquid.

Active Ingredients: 15 g/L diflufenican, 20 g/L clopyralid, and 300 g/L MCPA

Chemical Group: ProForce Warhead Herbicide is Resistance Group 4 and 12

Pack Size: 10 L

Rate of Application: 5 L/Ha.

Mixing ratio: 50 ml/100 m2 with 2-5 L of water. 5 L/Ha with 200-500 L of water.



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  • When should I apply my lawn pre emergent?

    The best time to apply these products is in the early spring as this is before broadleaf weeds begin to grow. For grass weeds like summer grass apply later say in late spring or early summer. This weeds germinate later, so by applying your pre emergent later you will get longer control.
  • What is a turf herbicide?

    Turf herbicides, also known as weedkillers are pesticides used to control and manage undesirable plants. It is important that when you use a turf herbicide that you precisely follow the label directions. If you don't do this then the herbicide may fail to control the target weed, damage the turf grass or even prevent you from being able to reseed or re-turf damaged areas. Turf herbicides can be:
    • Selective or non selective. Selective turf herbicides are able to specifically target the weed without damaging the desirable turf grass. Non selective turf herbicides kill everything.
    • Pre emergent or post emergent. Pre emergent turf herbicides prevent weeds from growing and becoming and are used before weeds grow. Post emergent kill weeds after they have emerged.
    • Work against broadleaf weeds or grass weeds.