ProForce Geronimo 800SL Herbicide


ProForce Geronimo 800SL Herbicide.

ProForce Geronimo 800SL Herbicide is a broad spectrum post emergent herbicide, and contains 800g/L of the active ingredient MSMA.

After use MSMA is rainfast within 3 hours, and has partially systemic properties which allow it to move through the plant. Susceptible weeds tend to turn yellow to brown 3-7 days after you use MSMA.

MSMA Herbicide controls Crowsfoot, Summergrass and Paspalum in Buffalo, common and hybrid Couch turf types. Not for use on home lawns.

Geronimo 800SL Herbicide also controls Prickly Pear, Bathurst Burr, Noogoora Burr, Johnson Grass, Nutgrass, Spiny Burrgrass and Summer Grasses in non-crop areas including roadsides, fencelines and storage areas.

ProForce Geronimo 800SL Herbicide, is foliar absorbed. It quickly kills leaf and stem tissue, and accumlates in root and leaf tips. It has multiple sites of action within the plant, but it is thought to interfere with ATP production (energy storage) and cell division (growth process). MSMA is typically more effective on grass weeds than broadleaf weed species.

MSMA is rainfast within 3 hours of application and has partially systemic properties which allow it to move through the plant. After use susceptible weeds generally turn yellow to brown within 3-7 days.

The benefits of ProForce Geronimo 800SL Herbicide:

  • The high active MSMA content means lower use rates and less packaging.
  • It is a fast acting herbicide. Symptoms of weed control are generally evident within 3-7 days of application.
  • Geronimo gives reliable and effective control of difficult to control grass weeds, particularly of Paspalum & Summer grass (Eleusine indica) where there are limited options.
  • It is very tank compatible with other herbicides. Provides improved grass weed control activity when used in combination with other herbicides.
  • Lower use rates than DSMA herbicides. Easier to handle, measure and use.
  • In-built surfactant in formulation. Maximises weed control properties.

Application rates and delivery

  • Application rates are typically 6 L/Ha in 400 – 1000 litres of water. You can reduce phytotoxicty if you make split applications of 3 L/Ha in 400 – 1000 litres of water 7-10 days apart. Best results occur if you spray weeds when they are young and actively growing. After 14 days a repeat application may be necessary for difficult to control weeds.
  • MSMA products may cause some yellowing and discolouration of turf even at label rates. High temperatures will increase this phytotoxic effect. Do not use on Bent, QLD Blue Couch, Fescue, Blue Grass, Kikuyu or Dichondra as damage may result.
  • The in-built surfactant may become too diluted to gain optimal results at high water volumes. Gilba Solutions recommends the use of a non-ionic surfactant at the rate of 100 mL/100L of water.
  • Temperature plays a role in ProForce Geronimo 800SL Herbicide performance. For best results, use when weather conditions are warm and dry, and when air temperatures are above 25°C. To limit phytotoxicity, do not use Geronimo when temperatures exceed 35°C.

Pack Size: 10 L

Rate of Application: 6 L/Ha

Brand: Indigo Specialty.

Chemical Group: Herbicide Group 0



Technical Sheet.


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  • When should I apply my lawn pre emergent?

    The best time to apply these products is in the early spring as this is before broadleaf weeds begin to grow. For grass weeds like summer grass apply later say in late spring or early summer. This weeds germinate later, so by applying your pre emergent later you will get longer control.
  • What is a turf herbicide?

    Turf herbicides, also known as weedkillers are pesticides used to control and manage undesirable plants. It is important that when you use a turf herbicide that you precisely follow the label directions. If you don't do this then the herbicide may fail to control the target weed, damage the turf grass or even prevent you from being able to reseed or re-turf damaged areas. Turf herbicides can be:
    • Selective or non selective. Selective turf herbicides are able to specifically target the weed without damaging the desirable turf grass. Non selective turf herbicides kill everything.
    • Pre emergent or post emergent. Pre emergent turf herbicides prevent weeds from growing and becoming and are used before weeds grow. Post emergent kill weeds after they have emerged.
    • Work against broadleaf weeds or grass weeds.