Onset 10GR


Onset 10GR Herbicide.

Onset 10GR is a granular pre-emergent herbicide offering up to 6-month weed germination protection from a broad range of grass weeds including Crabgrass & Summergrass, Parramatta Grass, Crowsfoot, Paspalum and Wintergrass. 10kg of Onset can treat up to 500m2.

Onset contains 10g/Kg of prodiamine and is in Prodiamine is the same active in Barricade Herbicide (Syngenta) and Spartan Herbicide (Turf Culture). Two other active ingredients in this group are Pendimethalin and Dithiopyr.

Once you apply and water prodiamine into the soil, it stops the plant’s ability to produce tubulin. Tubulin creates microtubules that are essential to dividing cells (daughter cells), and so with no tubulin, there are no microtubules and therefore no cell division can occur.

Onset 10 GR Herbicide is coated on a 200SGN (2mm) dust free, silica granule. The granule contains 26% Plant Available Silicon along with trace elements and Calcium and Magnesium. Silicon has proven links in abiotic stress management, nutrient uptake improvement and cell wall conditioning, as well as known benefits of increasing turfgrass wear and reducing drought stress.

The benefits of Onset:

  • Granular formulation – convenient, easy to apply and spread, reduced drift and concerns around off target movement.
  • Broad spectrum pre-emergent grass weed control.
  • One of the few pre-emergent herbicides registered for the control of Parramatta Grass, Rats Tail Fescue, African Love Grass.
  • Strong activity on Crowsfoot, Crabgrass and Summergrass.
  • Non–scheduled chemistry: safer to handle and use in public spaces.
  • Excellent residual performance – up to 6 months.
  • Delivers available silicon to the soil. Improves stress management, nutrient uptake, cell wall strength and turfgrass wear.
  • The granule also contains trace elements in Iron, Copper, Zinc and Molybdenum as well as beneficial nutrients in 1.4% Calcium and 1.1% Magnesium.


Pack Size: 5 and 10 Kg

Rate of Application: 

Brand: Indigo Specialty.

Herbicide GroupHerbicide resistance Group 3.



Technical Sheet.

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Onset 10GR 5 Kg


Onset 10GR 10 Kg



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  • When should I apply my lawn pre emergent?

    The best time to apply these products is in the early spring as this is before broadleaf weeds begin to grow. For grass weeds like summer grass apply later say in late spring or early summer. This weeds germinate later, so by applying your pre emergent later you will get longer control.
  • What is a turf herbicide?

    Turf herbicides, also known as weedkillers are pesticides used to control and manage undesirable plants. It is important that when you use a turf herbicide that you precisely follow the label directions. If you don't do this then the herbicide may fail to control the target weed, damage the turf grass or even prevent you from being able to reseed or re-turf damaged areas. Turf herbicides can be:
    • Selective or non selective. Selective turf herbicides are able to specifically target the weed without damaging the desirable turf grass. Non selective turf herbicides kill everything.
    • Pre emergent or post emergent. Pre emergent turf herbicides prevent weeds from growing and becoming and are used before weeds grow. Post emergent kill weeds after they have emerged.
    • Work against broadleaf weeds or grass weeds.