MSO Spray adjuvant


MSO Spray adjuvant

Voltage MSO spray adjuvant (methylated seed oil) contains from high-quality methylated seed oil and emulsifiers. It enables rapid entry of chemicals into plants with waxy cuticles such as Summer Grass. In hot/dry conditions Voltage MSO increases the results from most post emergent herbicides. Voltage MSO Spray Adjuvant contains 700g/L Ethyl and Methyl esters of Vegetable Oil and 116g/L Non Ionic Surfactants.

It is known for its ability to rapidly spread and penetrate leaf surfaces. It decreases the surface tension of herbicide spray droplets, and increases the wetting ability on very waxy and hairy leaves.

Non-Ionic surfactants lower the surface tension of droplets in spray solution. They aid by spreading the spray solution more evenly over the leaf surface area, and ensure better coverage of plant protection products. The result is better uptake, deposition and overall results.

The vegetable oil is an esterified spray oil which significantly enhances chemical adhesion to the plant leaf, and improves droplet lifetime, deposition and retention properties. The vegetable oil being esterified in the product is very important. This gives excellent penetrative properties, allows it to pass through waxy surfaces or difficult to kill and mature weeds, and improves herbicide performance.


Benefits of Voltage MSO Spray adjuvant

  • Voltage gives great results on mature weeds with waxy cuticles.
  • It slows the drying speed of herbicides on the leaf, and increases the potential for chemical uptake.
  • As it breaks down leaf surface waxes it improves chemical entry into the target leaf.
  • It is compatible with Vertmax Duo and Vertmax pigments.
  • Increases the results of most post-emergents such as Quinclorac, Diclofop methyl (ProForce Destro) and Pylex.
  • You can use this adjuvant to replace non-ionic surfactants.
  • Do not use MSO over seedlings.
  • It is less viscous than typical plant oils and
  • Voltage MSO Spray adjuvant is made in Australia.




Brand: Indigo Specialty.

Pack Size: 20 L

Rate of Application: 500 ml - 1 L /100 L

Active Ingredients: Voltage MSO Spray Adjuvant contains 700g/L Ethyl and Methyl esters of Vegetable Oil, and 116g/L Non Ionic Surfactants.






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