MCPA 750


MCPA 750 Herbicide.

MCPA 750 is a selective phenoxy herbicide that was first introduced in 1945. It controls broad-leaf weeds but not grass weeds. It mimicks the action of the plant growth hormone auxin. This results in uncontrolled growth and then death in susceptible weeds.

It is taken up through the leaf and then translocates to the meristems of the plant. The result is uncontrolled, unsustainable growth that results in stem curl-over, leaf withering, and eventual plant death.

MCPA is more selective than 2,4-D, but it requires less 2,4-D to control many annuals. It persists 2–3 months in soil, whereas 2,4-D persists about 1 month.


Getting the Best Results from MCPA

  • To get the best results use when weeds are actively growing.
  • It takes about 4-6 hours with no rain to be sure it gets into the plant.
  • Always ensure that the weed is actually susceptible to MCPA.
  • Aim to apply to young plants.
  • Make sure the weed is not under stress, drought or disease otherwise you will get poor results.


What MCPA 750 is good at.

MCPA 750 is very similar to 2,4-D but does not control the broad spectrum of weeds that 2,4 D controls. It is effective on tap-rooted weeds such as:


What MCPA 750 is not so good at.

MCPA 750 gives poor control of Mallow, Yarrow, Leafy spurge, Sedges, Speedwell, Ground Ivy and Wild Violet.


Pack Size: 20 L

Rate of Application: See Label Below.

Herbicide Group: Resistance Group 4




Additional information

250 ml


1 L



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