Dicamba Herbicide 500g/L


Dicamba Herbicide 500g/L.

Dicamba is a "widely used, low-cost, environmentally friendly herbicide that does not persist in soils and shows little or no toxicity to wildlife and humans.

It is a selective and systemic herbicide that kills annual and perennial broadleaf weeds. It is absorbed by leaves and roots of plants and is translocated. Dicamba inhibits development of buds, causes stem swelling, and eventually kills all plant tissues.

A benzoic acid, it works similarly to the phenoxy acid group and is effective against knotweed, purslane, and spurge. It also can be an effective control of ground ivy but does not control buckhorn or broadleaf plantains well. Dicamba is relatively mobile in the soil.

Dicamba is a highly volatile chemical that can damage non-target plant species through spray drift and/or volatilization (vapor drift). Injury to desirable broadleaf plants can occur from small amounts of dicamba residue in soil or from a small amount of drift.

Getting the best results from Dicamba.

  • Make sure weeds are actively growing.
  • Dicamba takes about 4-6 hours to get into the plant.
  • Always make sure that the weed is susceptible to dicamba.
  • Aim to treat young plants.
  • Poor results will occur if the weeds are under stress due to poor nutrition, drought or disease.

It often is used in mixtures with phenoxy herbicides and some other herbicides.

What Dicamba Herbicide 500g/L is good at.

Dicamba is excellent against:

It is good against Dichondra

What Dicamba Herbicide 500g/L not so good at.

Dicamba is poor against:


Pack Size: 20 L

Herbicide Group: Resistance Group 4

Rate of Application: See Label Below.




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250 ml


1 L



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