24-D Amine 625g/L


2,4-D Amine Herbicide.

24-D Amine is a common chlorophenoxy herbicide used for the post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds. It does not control grass weeds, and is a systemic herbicide that kills many broadleaf weeds.

2,4-D is a synthetic auxin and induces uncontrolled growth and then death in susceptible plants.

It is foliarly absorbed and then translocates to the meristems of the plant. The result is uncontrolled growth that causes stems to curl-over, leaves to wither and plant death.

Benefits of 2,4-D 625g/L Amine

  • Very water soluble.
  • Highly Selective.
  • Non-volatile & less odour than esters.
  • Some root uptake possible.
  • 2,4-D has systemic activity.
  • 2,4-D does not accumulate in the soil.
  • It is not corrosvive to spray equipment.
  • There is little risk to non target plants.

Getting the Best Results from 2,4-D 625g/L Amine

  • Weed must be growing. Avoid cold frosty conditions.
  • Phenoxies take about 4-6 hours rain free to get into the plant.
  • Check the species is actually susceptible.
  • Get the timing right – ideally young plants and in warm weather.
  • Make sure the crop is not under stress due to poor nutrition, drought or disease otherwise weed control
    will be reduced and there is the possibility of damage to the crop.

What 24-D Amine is good at.

2, 4-D is an effective weed killer on lawns and ornamental turf. This herbicide can kill all kinds of weeds you might want to get rid of, including:

What 24-D Amine not so good at.

Susceptible to water quality effects (high pH and salts).

Its high levels of water solubility, increases its susceptibility to being washed from leaves by rain.

24-D Amine does not control:

It gives only fair control of:

Chemical Group: Resistance Group 4

Pack Size: 20 L

Rate of Application: See Label below.




Additional information

250 ml


1 L



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